Thank you for an article of sense and, for me and others similar to me, I think, reassurance that we are not stupid or foolish or worse, simply because we choose to protect ourselves and others in a way that we've been assured is worthwhile and one which rationality supports - at least on the evidence of which I'm aware as having been publicly aired so far.

Whether that evidence is right or wrong and whether proper wearing of a K95 mask actually does protect me and others subject to my exhalations, my answer to those who question or mock it is simple: "If it does no good at all, I am no worse off. If it does even a little good then I am better off." ergo, until I clearly know better, it seems the more rational choice is to wear a mask. ☮️

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"Just ask them to show their ID. Just pull your ID out of your pocket and hold it up as you walk in."

Which is what we do now to go into Costco - no big deal.

In the 90s, I spent some time in Tel Aviv. Entrance to any mall type of complex required a quick security check - briefly open any bags or purses, flash your coat open and proceed in. Armed robberies mean guns and that's what they were checking for - again, no big deal.

In my case, besides being older than dirt, I need to protect a vulnerable family member and therefore wearing an N95 mask is mandatory in any public building. It's not an option - I would never enter any public building that required taking off my mask for any amount of time.

Thanks for your continued coverage of these health risks.

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I will continue to wear a mask to protect myself and others and I thank you for letting me know I am not alone. May we find strength in community and bright spots of joy somehow in the surrounding madness.

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Anti-masking was always primarily about masks successfully defeating facial recognition.

The fact masking bursts the delusional bubble of comfort addicted/discomfort adverse centrists is secondary (“stop masking! You engaging in public health safety while I’ve willingly stopped, makes me feel bad”)

Eric Adam’s attempting to criminalize masking is proof of this (Google ugly laws)

It’s obvious and infuriating that the ruling class desires fascism to kill the minuscule power labor has gained

Sadly for see Biden and or all mayors criminalizing masking across the country before or after may 11th

All the more reason we the humane must unite to form Covid safe communities

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Thank you for this. My husband and I still mask with N95s whenever we are around anyone else and do not eat or drink in public. We also limit our expose outside our home and do not attend or hold large (or any size) gatherings. Simply put we don’t want to make anyone sick with Covid and don’t want to get sick ourselves.

There is not enough room in this comment to tell you about all the pushback we get. The looks, the smirks, the ridicule, the comments, the anger. It is increasingly becoming difficult to maintain our stance, yet we are hurting no one.

Your points about why “ masks don’t work” are extremely relevant. I just read one of the Collins/Stephens columns in The NY Times where, after Collins pushes him to be more specific, more analytical and more transparent, Stephens gives some good examples where the message or data “ masks don’t work” originated: One example: when people were told to wear their masks as they enter a restaurant then take them off to eat and then put them on when they leave or go to the restroom... That recommendation always made me crazy because...what? The virus lets you eat in safety and only attacks if you are standing up in the restaurant?

Sadly I have made that point many times and the usual comment is “Well, I have to eat” or “ Listen, I am just following government guidelines for restaurants, if they say I can take my mask off to eat in a restaurant, well then, it must be safe”... ( that is me emitting the loud sigh)

What is happening to us as people? We failed on such a mass scale on such an important test, defending ourselves, others and the world against a horrible pandemic.

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Thank you for another valuable article. You have a remarkable skill at getting to the very essence of an issue with such wonderfully, readable prose.

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They also seem to be in the process of pathologizing those of us who continue to mask and take steps to avoid getting covid. As if we're the crazy ones. It's sick.

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A few thoughts.

First, I agree that this should be submitted as an op-ed to the New York Times. It's insane that with COVID still circulating at high levels people who are willing to wear masks should have to remove them, even momentarily, to enter a store.

Second, if anyone DOES have to remove their mask for 30 seconds or less, begin by taking a deep masked breath, then lower your mask while holding your breath, then replace your mask, breathe out as fully as you can, then take your next breath. I've had to fly a few times during COVID and this is what I do at the TSA security check.

Third, this isn't really appropos to masks, but for those who haven't seen it, here's a link to an enormously important study suggesting that metformin, a very cheap, already-approved, common drug for diabetes, can reduce the chances of PASC/long covid in those who have mild to moderate infections. Eric Topol cited this as a breakthrough, and when he cites something as a breakthrough, I pay attention. This is still in preprint, but it's worth printing and showing to your health care provider if the virus gets past your mask and you become infected. It could make the difference between an unpleasant 10 days and a much longer bout with symptoms that won't leave.


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I'm going to New York for a weekend trip. I will be wearing a mask. Hopefully, my age will make me invisible.

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In February last year, the time period when covid precautions were getting thrown to the wind, Rochelle Walensky said she knew people were tired of masks. She stated they were the “scarlet letter” of the pandemic; a reminder we were still dealing with covid. Also, annoying and inconvenient.

Well, we just can’t have any annoyance, inconvenience or reminders that it is not 2019 now can we? We need to get out and shop, dine, go to large indoor gatherings sharing our bare faces with one and all.

This is not going to end well. Even Gavin Newsom has just tested positive for covid, his second infection. He of course has access to the top of the line healthcare unavailable to most of us.

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I had to go into my Doctor's office for my annual physical last month. Whenever I enter a building, which is a rare event, I wear a full on gas mask with two N95 respirator filters. I'm not effing around.

Thankfully, I live in nice part of Georgia where people tend to mind their own business. Regardless, I get the surprised looks and the occasional side eye whenever I enter my doctor's building. I never ride in the elevator, so I have to huff it up three flights of stairs, which is not fun to do while wear my GD gas mask. Regardless, when I enter the office, everyone in the office raises their surgical masks to their face and they proceed to help me.

The point is that I am thankful to have not been harrassed thus far, but I'm on alert because it will inevitably happen. I pray that it doesn't lead to violence because I'm not gonna lose that battle.

Anyway, thank you Jessica for this incredibly well thought-out article. I am happy to be reminded that I am not the crazy one. I am not inconsiderate or weird. I just don't care to get sick with a virus that we have not successfully been able to destroy. Keep up the good work and enjoy the coffee! :)

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notice how they are only talking those cheap maskes. never discern between htose and n95s. also, i wear a shield, they never will mention that, it is like i do not exist when i talk about where a mask and shield, or just the shield if i am having COPD isses. Large shields were used in stores. they reduced spread. it is a no brainer. of course, not 100% effective. but they will be purists.

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Reading this post and scrolling through the comments is a reminder that I am not alone. That there is solidarity in wearing a mask, which makes it all the worse that so many people and organizations who claim to want to create safe, inclusive spaces refuse to do even the bare minimum when it comes to masking.

I live in NYC and followed Covid very early on so by the time we finally shutdown in mid-March I knew we were already too late. I used to think this would be the safest place to be, because having seen the worst of it we would know what we needed to do to stay safe, and boy was I wrong.

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I was reading this morning that the new Disney World governing board is thinking of making it mandatory for everyone to no wear a mask inside the parks. So this whole business of ant-mask is growing exponentially because as Florida does, so will the other red states eventually. And if Ron DeSantis decides to run for the GOP nomination in 2024, the U.S. will never be the same again.

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I am sick and tired of the ignorant being in charge. Covid is so contagious that it spreads in SECONDS! These fools don’t even know and don’t bother to find out how contagious the Omicron variant is now. They cannot be bothered because the rich want more money. Don’t get me started on the damn TSA asking folks to unmask for “ screening.”

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On wearing masks...WRONG: I am currently at the office. In the aisle at the moment I am writing this, there is a guy wearing an N95 like a party hat, dancing by his desk to Morris Day/The Time's song from PURPLE RAIN, "The Bird". Just saying.

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